The Ecoboot is a concept of a floating city. It is an idea of Professor Emeritus Frits Schoute of Delft University, which he launched during his farewell speech in 2000.


The following advantages of living on the water are mentioned:

  • Health: living at sea is good for you.
  • Weather: the Ecoboot can simply seek out the good weather if the local weather doesn't suit it.
  • Space: there is plenty of space in the North Sea, in contrast to coastal areas.

Living on water presents difficulties that are technically difficult and therefore make it more expensive. But the "land price" is 0 euro again. The knowledge gained can also be sold.


Schoute showed two ideas that should make the Ecoboot technically feasible. The first was a system consisting of three vertical pipes that open and close automatically at the top. These serve to dampen the swell. The other idea is to have a field of "clickets" floating around the Ecoboot. These "floats" have a dual purpose; they dampen the swell and can use the energy thereby released, for example, to convert seawater into freshwater.

Schoute predicted that "Ecoboot number 1" would be launched within five years, and that in 50 years time 100 million people might be living on the water.


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